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Payroll Outsourcing

Avoid costly penalties and noncompliance fees by using MSS Recruitment PayRite payroll solutions to deliver accurate, hassle-free payroll administration at a price you can afford. As the leading payroll solution provider in Macau, we offer comprehensive, customized payroll services provided by a team of experts who understand local and international payroll policies.

Our comprehensive Payroll Outsourcing Service includes the following:

  • Initial Assessment
    We provide a thorough review of your labor needs, set-up a payroll system that is 100% compliant with Macau Labor Law and Social Security Policy,
  • Monthly Payroll Administration and Reimbursements
    We calculate net payroll payments and issue pay slips for each employee, provide employers with monthly reports detailing net payments and deductions, and quickly and accurately answer any queries from employees regarding his or her payroll.
  • Quarterly Professional Tax Filing and Social Security Fund Filing with Macau Authorities
    We calculate and reconcile employees' quarterly professional tax deduction as well as Social Security Fund contributions. We will then prepare the appropriate reports and arrange delivery to our clients in a timely manner. Our clients can feel at ease knowing they can file and pay their DSF and SSF without any delay.
  • Annual Professional Tax Return Preparation and Filing
    We calculate annual earnings for each employee as well as calculate and reconcile the professional tax deduction. We will also prepare the employer's M3/M4 to assist our clients with filing the forms with the DSF in a timely manner.
  • Miscellaneous Form Preparation and Filing
    We also expertly prepare individual employees' M/2 and/or M/2A forms and file them with the Macau Authority DSF.

 Our highly qualified team of experts also provide our clients with Macau business registration, company formation, accounting and administration outsourcing services. Just discuss your needs with us for customized total solutions!

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