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MSS Recruitment Offers Cash Lucky Draw of HKD1000 on June 2010 MSS全策顧問六月千元現金大抽獎


MSS Recruitment launched from the lst June 2010, their free lucky cash draw of HKD1000. 
Job seekers above 18 years can register their CVs online We will offer HKD1,000 to the one lucky candidate who registers their resume with us for the first time on June 2010.
The draw will be promoted on major local media as well as various local online forums. Winner will be announced at the beginning on July. 
“MSS Recruitment is delighted to announce the news to job seekers. Once again we are offering local Macau talent the opportunity to register their CVs with us for the chance of career advancement. It benefits both our clients and our candidates” Jiji Tu, Managing Director of MSS Recruitment said when interviewed recently on their launch. “Candidates who register with MSS Recruitment will not only receive latest job market news but also up-to-date and regular job opportunities. We are in Macau to aid in career advancement of the local workforce.”
One candidate who registered said, “MSS Recruitment is always prepared to assist local talent - myself and my friends find the services of MSS Recruitment to be proactive and always ready with both professional advice and willingness to assist us in our search for a better job. We have lodged our CVs and encourage others to do the same. Searching for the right job isn’t an easy task and we feel MSS Recruitment gives us the ability to open the door to a new career.  
Register your CV today in order not to miss out on this exciting opportunity.
MSS Recruitment is the leading recruitment agency based in Macau. We specialize in identifying and introducing qualified Macau and overseas talent covering middle to executive level management for companies operating in Macau and Asia. Our comprehensive services include: executive search, contract and temporary recruitment, work permit visa services, payroll outsourcing and other HR and business support
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MSS全策顧問將二零一零年六月一日起舉辦免費現金大抽獎活動。凡首次成功發送履歷到 或上傳履歷到我們網站的求職者即自動成為此次抽獎活動的參與者。活動詳情可於各大報章媒體以及網上論壇可見,得獎幸運兒將於七月誕生。
MSS全策顧問執行董事屠佶佶在是次活動訪問中說到: MSS全策顧問很高興為求職者提供求職市場資訊。我們歡迎本地澳門人才上傳履歷及申請職位,並給予他們發展事業的機會。」「成功登記的求職者除每月收到最新職場資訊外, 更可掌握最新最熱門的工作機會。我們很樂意協助本澳求職者發展其個人事業。
一個求職者在接受記者訪問說道: MSS全策顧問總是為協助賢者之仕作好準備- 我和我的朋友都覺得他們很主動幫助我們,他們專業的意見以及其熱心的指導的確對我們很有幫助。我們時常向他們更新個人履歷且十分鼓勵其他求職者這樣做,找一份合適的工作絶對不是一件容易的事,MSS全策顧問為我們的事業開托了一個新里程。」
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