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MSS Recruitment will present training courses on Understanding & Applying the Macau Labour Law (course outline). MSS Recruitment is proud to have invited Ms. Lurdes Maria Sales (trainer’s bio), previous Head of Labour Inspection Department of Macau Labour Affairs Bureau to be the trainer. 
Macau Labor Law Course has received extremely positive feedback from participants from 2017 classes. 93% participants have given score between 8-10 (10 is the highest). All participants will highly recommend this course to professionals who need to have Macau Labor Law knowledge. Participants shared that they benefited most from trainer’s real cases’ sharing. In addition, participants also shared that they learned a lot from other participants’ cases. 
MSS Recruitment 是澳門領先的人力資源公司。 基於市場需求,2017年起我們為澳門的企業以及人力資源從業人員開設《勞動關係法基礎課程》和《勞動關係法進階課程》(課程簡介)。我們有幸邀請到李樂怡女士 (導師簡介),澳門勞工事務局前勞動監察廳廳長為課程導師,通過實戰經驗為大家解析勞動關係法。
澳門勞工法課程已經成功舉辦三期,93%的學員給予課程8-10分的評分(10為最高分),學員都表示絕對值得推薦該課程給需要了解澳門勞工法的專業人士。 學員最大的收穫為導師的豐富的實際案例經驗,和學員之間的案例處理分享。

2018 June to December Course Schedule 2018年6到12月課程時間表 

Understanding & Applying the Macau Labour Law Level I Basic
澳門勞工法基礎課程 (任選一個)(any one below)
1) June 2018 (full day course) 2018年6月 (全日課程) 
      10am to 5:30pm, 1st June (Fri), 6月1號 星期五 10am-5:30pm
2) September 2018 (two half day course) 2018年9月 (兩個半日課程) 
      12:00pm to 5:00pm, 18th & 20th September 9月18 & 20號 星期二/四下午2-5
3) November 2018 (full day course) 2018年11月 (全日課程) 
      10am to 5:30pm, 27th November (Tues), 11月27號 星期二 10am-5:30pm
Understanding & Applying the Macau Labour Law Level II Advanced
澳門勞工法進階課程(任選一個)(any one below)
1) June 2018 (full day course) 2018年6月 (全日課程)
      10am to 5:30pm, 28th (Thurs), June 6月28號 星期四 10am-5:30pm
2) October 2018 (two half day course) 2018年10月 (兩個半日課程)
      2:00pm to 5:00pm, 23th & 25 October(Tues & Thurs)  10月23號&25號 星期二/四下午2-5 
3) December 2018 (full day course) 2018年12月 (全日課程)
      10am to 5:30pm, 18th (Tues), December 12月18號 星期二 10am-5:30pm
*All classes will be conducted in Cantonese. 課程語言:廣東話
*Certificates of Participation will be awared. 將會頒發課程參與證書
*Basic or Advanced course is 6 hours course. 基礎和進階課程均為6小時課程。
 *Training Venue: Av. da Praia Grande 409, China Law Building, 18/F, Macau (near New Yaohan)
培訓地點:澳門南灣大馬路中國法律大廈18樓 (新八佰伴附近)

Course Fees 課程費用 

  • Basic OR Advanced 單門課程  :                        HK $3,900/pax 
  • Basic AND Advanced 基礎+進階雙課程:                        HK $6,800/pax

5% discount of total price for 2 pax from the same company  同公司2個學員總價5%折扣

10% disocunt of total price for 3rd or more pax from the same company 同公司3個或更多學員總價10%折扣          

Limited seats per class. 每班人數有限  

Registration 課程報名

To register for the course, please register online 
Upon registration, an invoice will be sent for payment settlement. Reservation is only confirmed upon receiving payment. Payment must be received 2 weeks before course date and is not refundable. You can change participating date 7 days before the confirmed course day. 
有興趣企業請於網上報名 報名後我司會發出付款通知,課程名額將在客戶付款後得以確認,且付款不遲於課程開始2周前。付款後不可退款,課程開始7天前可以修改參加課程日期。

Private Training or Labour Law Consulting 企業訂製課程和勞工法諮詢

If companies are interested in private training or labour law consulting, please contact +863 2828 6603 or
如有企業需要開設內部課程或需要勞工法顧問諮詢服務,歡迎致電 +863 28286603 或電郵: