How to use midling

What is a midling and how to use it?

Spread point is the value of the handicap, which equalizes the chances of both clubs. The screenshot shows the spread point for the match - 16.5. In this situation, the odds for a negative handicap of the favorite and a positive handicap of the outsider are approximately equal. Spread point is not a fixed value, it can change depending on many factors. Changes can be as follows:

  • Falling spread point - the value of the outsider's handicap decreases.
  • Increase in the spread point - the value of negative handicap on the favorite increases.

All you need to do is to make the first bet on the current spread point. After it changes, it is necessary to bet on a new point, but already on the opposite team parimatch. This is how the corridor is formed.

When using this strategy, it is worth taking into account the peculiarities of Russian bookmakers' offices. If American betting companies allow you to bet on different positions of one market for a particular event, the domestic bookmakers do not provide such an opportunity. When making a second bet on the same handicap, it will be refunded, the bookmaker will take into account only the first bet. Therefore, you should form corridors, playing in two bookmakers' offices at once.

Putting the strategy into practice

To confirm the success of the gaming strategy, let's make a series of bets on its conditions. The tactic will be tested in the same bookmaker's office, but on different game accounts, so that the BK in case of something did not cancel the bet forming the corridor.

Allocation of the bank in the strategy

To play by the "Midling" strategy, it is recommended to play by the flat system - to make bets of a fixed size. The recommended flat rate for one event is 5% of the total bank.

  • Since it is necessary to make two bets to form a corridor, it turns out 2.5% for each bet.
  • The size of bets on one corridor should be the same, due to approximately equal quotations.

In the case of winning only one bet - the size of the loss will correspond to the value of the margin, set by the bookmaker.

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