How to get rid of acne on the forehead

Acne on the forehead, as in principle, acne on the face, regardless of their localization, indicate the inner problem of the body.

Very often arise in the transition period in adolescents. The appearance of acne is helped excessive skin salinity in the T-zone. Silent allocations are delayed in the ducts: the exit is interfere with the damage scales of the skin, besides, an abundant saloon creates a favorable medium for reproduction of microorganisms.

In particularly severe cases, when the forehead was swept off by the penette, of course, it should be referred to a doctor who prescribes a course of treatment, it is possible that with the use of antibiotics.

In general, at such periods, teenagers are advised to wash the face with disinfecting gels designed specifically for problem skin. When the hormonal background stabilizes, the skin will also be cleaned.

Acne on the forehead as a sign of digestive impairment

It happens that pimples on the forehead do not pass in any way, although the teenage age is already behind. It should be paid to the state of the digestive system.

Acne on the forehead may indicate the intrication of the body. Causes of this - disruption of digestive functions. If you use products without thinking about their influence on the body, you can get a whole bouquet of exacerbations and chronic diseases. First of all, attention should be paid and take control of the level of carcinogenic food.

We'll have to abandon sweet sodes, acute foods, flour, especially from soft buns and donuts, which are delayed in the intestine, provoking the processes of rotting (actually intoxication and is expressed in the appearance of acne). In general, do not load your stomach, liver and kidney "heavy" products. Prefer the sour milk, porridge, boiled meat - and in general, healthy food.

In addition, the imbalance in the body may be triggered by the intake of antibiotics or hormonal drugs, excessive hobbies with synthetic vitamins and other means.

Using an integrated approach to solving the problem, you can combine drug treatment with outdoor procedures. For example, good face masks using green and blue clay. Also make a rumor rumome chamomile, sage and calendula. Wipe every day at least two times.

You should not try to get rid of their squeezing acne, as you can get another problem: the appearance of acne in healthy sites, and then the scars remain.

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