How to get rich?

There are two basic rules that need to be adhered to not just increase their income, but become rich.

The first rule - your income must be more of your expenses.

The second rule is the income that remains must be investing in assets bringing passive income.

Remember? Good. Move on.

The first thing you have to do is create a financial reserve. It is necessary to multiply a monthly amount of expenses by 5 to 6 months. This amount should be in the covers.

- Sew 10% from monthly income and better put them on the deposit, so that they do not have the desire to spend them.

- In order to distinguish 10% of income, you need to keep accounting your expenses. As a rule, 30% of money fly to various "pacifiers" without which you can easily do.

- Each month increase your income by 5%. Look for options.

- Those money that is added, divide on two halves. Investing one, the other is torture your beloved - you also need.

The second step that you need to do is to invest in assets. If this is not enough about this - time to study.

- You can invest in mutual bonds, bonds, shares, Forschez ...

- availability of money is not freedom yet. You still have to have free time.

- If you are a hired worker, then freedom to get almost not real. If you are a freelancer, then the chances are more, but not much.

- To obtain free time, big income and self-realization, you need to create your own business. You must love what you are doing and help people. This is just the opportunity to earn big money.

- In the days of just 24 hours, so one thing is not done. Of course, you can work more and take more, but sooner or later the face will still come.

- The key to success lies in organizing the time of other people, the competent allocation of work and the creation of the system.

- To satisfy the basic needs of a person, you really need, in fact, not a lot of money. A little more need for pleasure. Really much money is needed for business and people.

- Very much attention is paid to the money of people who have them.

- There are many convictions in the heads of people, in relation to the money that subconsciously repulse money from themselves.

- Earn a million dollars is all nonsense. Goals are to be done, have. Knowing what you want can already be transferred to money.

- You are very quickly gaining negativity in relation to money, if you have a lot of losers in your surroundings. Feed yourself from them.

- Act. Close to welfare every day. Let it be not fast, but constantly move to the target target.
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