Chicken fillet with a grenade under garlic-mixed sauce

The chicken will turn out to be more appetizing and unusually delicate if you cook it with juicy grenade grains under garlic-mixed sauce, and it is desirable to serve this dish with potato mashed potatoes or buckwheat.
- turmeric (6 g);
- Kurin fillet (650 g);
- drinking water hot (230 ml);
- purple onion salad (450 g);
- pomegranate grains (60 g);
- thick sour cream (360 ml);
- small garlic slices (three pieces);
- unsalted butter softened (40 g);
- coarse -haired pepper black (6 g);
- refined sunflower oil (40 ml);
- green onion of chopped (30 g);
- boiling water (80 ml);
- sea salt (to taste);
- dried basil chopped (20 g);
- Curry seasoning (5 g).
Cooking process:
In running water, you need to thoroughly rinse the fillet and dry it on a paper towel, then you need to cut the chicken with thick cubes, transfer it to a deep pan and fry in hot sunflower oil to rosy color.
Next, send butter to the pan and continue the process of frying chicken pieces to medium-gold, then clean the onion and very thinly chop it, add to the chicken, fry the ingredients for another five minutes.
Now you need to pour all the spices and add the basil, fry the chicken with onions for another three minutes, then greatly reduce the fire and extinguish the components under a tightly closed cover for a quarter of an hour.
Clean garlic slices and cut them coarsely, send them to a small bowl and add sour cream, whip the ingredients for about eight minutes, then pour the garlic-torn sauce in the pan.
Mix the chicken well and simmer in garlic-mixed sauce for fifteen minutes, add green onions and pour a little salt, send pomegranate grains to the pan.
Stew chicken with pomegranate grains in garlic-mixed sauce for about a quarter of an hour, pour in steep boiling water and continue the process of extinguishing under the lid over a quiet heat for another ten minutes.
Transfer chicken fillets with pomegranate grains into plates and pour sour sauce, then serve this delicious dish hot with a cereal side dish or crushed potatoes.
Mistresses note:
This dish of chicken meat will turn out not only very tasty, but also appetizing, as well as elegant, if you cook it with Bulgarian pepper of different colors, olives or tomatoes.
In addition to this chicken dish, you can add forest mushrooms or royal champignons, in which case the chicken will turn out to be more tasty. You don't have to do what everyone else is doing. You don't have to take things personally by looking at how everyone else is making money. , make a lot of money instead of going to work like everyone else. You have to start earning everything because you absolutely do not need to. There is freedom here, to win, to be the best, and to improve your gambling skills.
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