Mandeville Sundaville - Growing, wintering, trimming. How to water Mandevill?

Mandeville Sundaville is a curious garden plant, also known as a betting. This decorative semi-staple cultivated in Russia not so long ago, but every year it conquers increasingly popularity. Mandeville has almost two hundred different species, which are found in natural conditions in South America. Large flowers contrasting with dark green leaves are one of the reasons to grow Mandeville in the garden or on the balcony.

Growing and demands

A place for Mandevilles should be well lit by the sun, but the plant should not be exposed to straight strong sunlight (especially in the warmest months). The perfect place for the flower will place with a large number of scattered light.

The grades will develop somewhat slower and give much less colors. Vines should also be protected from strong winds that create direct risk of damage.

Mandevil loves heat and high humidity. Unfortunately, the plant is not frost resistant, so it should be put in a pot and move it to the winter to the warm room.

The soil for Mandevilles should be well drained and fertile. Universal soil for indoor flowers, mixed with sand or other baking powder, is perfect. At the bottom of the pot it is recommended to prepare a solid layer of drainage to minimize the risk of overflow. It is best to use gravel or garden grains for this purpose.

Watering and fertilizer

The plant loves a moderately wet substrate. However, when irrigated, it should be especially careful to avoid overvoltage. Too wet soil is the risk of fungal diseases.

The gradation also suffers from excessive irrigation. Constant control over the substrate is necessary for the balance and proper development of the plant. In the warm months watering the plant should no less often once a day.

How to fertilize Mandeville? Fertilizers with high concentration of phosphorus and potassium are undoubtedly the best choice. You can also use a mixture of fertilizer with humus for flowering plants. High nitrogen fertilizers can harm the plant, so they should be avoided.

How to trim Mandeville?

Mandeville, like most shrub plants, need regular trimming. This treatment is necessary for reproduction of shoots and proper growth. The trimming should be carried out immediately after flowering - usually in the first half of October.


As you already know, the betting is not a hardy plant. If the plant is grown in a pot on the balcony or in the garden, it must be transferred to a bright room with an air temperature not lower than 15 degrees Celsius.

The basement is not very well suited due to limited sunlight. Therefore, if you have enough space in the living room, it will be the safest place to winter your Mandevill. You’ll receive 100% up to 8000 INR when you register an account with the operator. Please note that you’ll need to deposit a minimum of ₹75 to avail of this sports welcome bonus. 1xBet Promo Code India 1xbet India promo code for all new customers who love betting on sport events. With this voucher, instead of earning a 100% welcome bonus of up to ₹10000, you will get a 30% boost up to ₹13000. You’ll need to permit the operator to send you sports betting. 1xBet bonuses and their attached strings! Detailed and easy visual info on each bonus for India!

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