HOTLINE MIAMI 2 passing tips: WRONG NUMBER - ACT 6: Capture

Very dark and difficult mission. Be ready to die a lot from the hands of enemies who attack you from darkness. In the second location it becomes easier, but you will also have problems with the location of your opponents. Do not hesitate to increase the brightness of the screen.

Enter the building and kill the first guard. Stand in the passage and attract the attention of two more. Reference and wait until they approach you. Then kill them.

If you take a gunshot weapon from the first killed arrow, you can use it against the next guard. If not, drop across the room and hide under the tree. So you will attract more guards. Wait until they approach you and kill them.

There are three more enemies on the right. One of them is at the height and two more in the bathroom. Kill them in this order. One of the enemies you killed earlier take a firearm.

The upper part of the card is patrolled by several arrows. It will be difficult to attack them at a distance, so it's best to come closer. Stand up the stairs on the left and shoot opponents through the window. Get someway from the window, wait until the enemy goes down the stairs and shoot them all. Take a new weapon from one of them.

Inside the tree hidden another arrows. Caution, eliminate it.

The last shooter is on the upper right of the map. It is possible that he noticed you before. If not, kill it from a safe distance. After you get the opportunity, take the top pass. Before this take a new firearm.

Go to the room on the left. Shoot the first enemy and face to the door. Kill anyone who cross him, including Beefsteks. Continue to fight until opponents continue to come. Replace firearms to the new one.

Return to the entrance and go to the right. Shoot the patrolling guard and the surrounding noise attracted. Follow the corridor up, destroy the enemies in passing past rooms. If you ended the cartridges, replace weapons.

At the end of the corridor, beware of the shooters. For security purposes, clean the rooms by shooting through open passages. There are no doors in these rooms, so there is nothing that could block your bullets.

On the way you pass by the room in which you can't get. Its right wall is only windows, and inside - arrows. Shoot it and make sure that it does not meet fire.

You will find the latest group of enemies in the upper left room. After you kill them, take a new firearm. Return to the first card and go to the right, this time.

Here are only three cupcakes. Start shooting them immediately. Make sure you have not spent all ammunition before you kill all three. If necessary, limit them all and run away to wait until they expand blood.

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