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We believe in a positive and professional job search experience. That’s why we make the time to listen to your needs, to understand your skill set and help guide you in the right direction to find your next career move. It’s all about creating a genuine, professional experience for every person we meet. More than recruitment. We know that the secret lies in a first-class journey, not just the destination

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The Recruitment process

  • Initial phone call with Recruiter

    This is your opportunity to make a good impression, the initial call is usually to ascertain whether you are a suitable candidate for this role and potentially other roles so make sure you speak fluently and remember which role it was you applied for. If you are not able to, arrange a time to call back and make sure you do!

  • Interview with Recruiter

    Approach the interview with the recruiter just as you would an interview with a company. Dress appropriately, know your work history and expect questions that will allow you to sell yourself. Always remain professional and be honest about yourself. The recruiter is going to assess your skills goals and suitability, so make sure they are seeing the 'real you'.

  • Submission to roles

    Sometimes this can happen overnight (literally) or may take weeks to come up. Your details are submitted to suitable roles and if you are not successful, hopefully there will be some feedback as to why you were not chosen. Do not be disappointed if you are not called in for an interview for every position. You may get an interview request next time.

  • Interview with the company

    Preparation is the key! Take a look at the video on this website on how to prepare for an interview. Your recruiter will brief you as fully as possible and it is up to you to do some further research about the role and company. Again, be yourself. Your personality and skills are both important in getting you the job. Call your recruiter immediately following the interview with your feedback, it is important that they can provide feedback to the client.

  • References

    You have made it through the first and second interview stages with the company and they would like to take the next step. Make sure your referees are expecting a call and are people that you have worked for in the recent past who can comment on your skills and suitability. No company or recruiter should take references without advising you first.

  • Job offer

    You will be in contact with your recruiter throughout the process, whilst a potential job offer may arise, should the job title, salary and responsibilities be in line with your expectations. There may be some negotiations around the salary for which it is sometimes much easier to have a third party negotiate on your behalf.

Understanding of Candidate's Career Background and Goals
Close Follow up of Recruitment Process
Candidate Satisfaction

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