Playing poker with Neymar

Playing poker with Neymar

Anyone who knows the name Neymar immediately thinks of Brazilian soccer and in particular the PSG striker. The big fans will soon be able to add an extra thought to that; poker! Thus, he will support a host of diverse cultural activities and contribute a few creative projects. Neymar now carries the new title: PokerStars ambassador. This is of course great for poker players who want to play a game of holdem against one of the best footballers in the world.

Neymar and PokerStars

Neymar and PokerStars Partnership

PokerStars is owned by Flutter Entertainment and the largest online poker site. Anyone wondering where the two can be connected? Neymar and PokerStars have been working together for several years on a host of important issues. In the process, Neymar is more than proud to be named an ambassador. For him, this role is a new step in life. Over time, it is possible to increase the range to the online roulette game.

A new chapter to walk according to Neymar:

"I am so excited to start the next chapter and this with a loyal brand like PokerStars. We worked together before in several important areas, now it's to expand further and create a beautiful unity."

Through the close cooperation with PokerStars, our soccer star will not only contribute to poker but also to a lot of creative projects around culture, art, design, music and more. In the process, he will have the opportunity to showcase his own interests and passion for fashion and music to the world. Thus, he immediately created a series of special playlists for all customers at the online poker game. For example, PokerStars has announced that they have an ultimate soundtrack to offer from now on.

Upgrade online Poker

Neymar takes his future as an ambassador at PokerStars very seriously. For example, he shared that Poker is so much more than just a game. For him, this is a community, a culture that he loves immensely. PokerStars immediately complemented this by stating that Neymar will offer an upgrade to online Poker. This by bringing his passion and interests to every poker table. In doing so, it will be an even more exciting experience within the PokerStars Community where every online poker player will feel right at home.

Neymar and PokerStars

Neymar's new role will allow two worlds to merge. Poker and culture will meet and take everything to the next level. This will allow us to start rewarding everyone involved in the online poker world extra.

PokerStars does not wish to disclose further financial details at this time. For those who don't know this world yet, we would like to invite you to check the article How Do You Calm Yourself Down During a Difficult Time? Feel free to sit at our table and discover what two worlds can achieve together.

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