Sagittarius + Sagittarius Compatibility

A complex combination, despite the similarity of characters and the patronage of the fiery element, which does not contribute to boredom. Sagittarians can both attract each other with high intelligence, common interests and small secrets, and offend with selfishness, stubbornness and short temper. It is difficult even for Jupiter, the planet patronizing this sign, to understand this firework of sympathies, not to mention the representatives of this sign themselves.

As friends – 71%
The best combination, especially if Sagittarians study, work, play sports or travel together. Sociability, similarity of characters, interests, decency and kindness bring them closer, but if disagreements arise, it is difficult for them to refrain from barbs and caustic remarks. It is for this reason that friendship between Sagittarians occurs in flashes, although it can last for quite a long time if friends do not lose respect.

Lovers – 55%
A difficult combination, despite the high sexual appetite of both lovers. The similarity of desires creates boredom, besides, bed often turns into a battlefield if disagreements arise between them. Luck depends on where the Sagittarians direct their energy – if the passion, the relationship will last, although not for long, scandals – everything will end even faster.

Lovers – 34%
Sagittarians understand each other so well that they quickly become a read book. Despite the similarity of characters, love relationships very soon come to naught, as everyone will be looking for something new, unfamiliar for themselves. Only great love, the ability to maintain a certain veil of secrecy, inaccessibility will help them to maintain a relationship, but sometimes separation and distance contribute to this.

Husband and wife – 40%
It's not easy here. Sagittarians find it difficult to overcome both everyday problems and character traits, for example, impatience and short temper. If the influence of relatives is mixed in with this, the marriage can collapse, turning the family into ruins of constant litigation. To prevent this from happening, both will have to restrain their feelings and learn not to turn a blind eye to everyday life, which, by the way, both do not like to do.

Possible problems and their solution
Sagittarians have every chance to live up to the golden wedding if they learn patience, courtesy and will restrain their emotions. Stubbornness and insisting on one's own rightness are not appropriate everywhere, so it is important to know exactly when to use them so as not to cause a storm. Streltsy are easily reconciled by events and new topics for discussion. The game begins with x1 odds. The possible bank evolves in parallel with the facility. The profits will be forfeited if the visitor does not stop in time and does not cash out. A virtual amount will be credited to the Lucky Jet game account if the conditions are met. This money cannot be converted to a real deposit. A lover of the gambling genre must register in order to win a real prize.
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