What to look out for when buying a new laptop

There's no question about it: the best laptop under $900 usually has a thin, light, and compact design. In fact, if you're shopping for a netbook, a convertible, or a mini-notebook - it makes no difference if it's under a thousand dollars! The laptop isn't the center of attention; in fact, it's far from it! Here's what to look out for when buying a new computer.

Scale of Display Best laptop under $900 generally has 15.6 inch displays. However, there are options, though, that are smaller and perhaps even more extensive. So if you'd like a larger screen with more viewing power and less portability or smaller in size with less portability, you'd have to pick now. Notebooks with extended screen sizes generally have poorer processors, less RAM and hard drives, less robust graphics cards, and other problems. So when shopping for the best laptop under $900, make sure that it meets your needs - don't get something cheap just because you need it.

Speed/ refuel times Best laptop under $900 should have a quad core processor with four gigabytes of ram, an eight GB hard drive, and at least a terabyte hard drive. These three things are the minimum that a laptop should meet these days; any more and it would be overkill. Also, don't let the price of the laptop stop you from getting the best laptop under $900. These prices are all going to drop. Check out the spec sheets to find out the exact power and speed that you can expect from the laptop.

RAM and Disk Space Check the spec sheets for the RAM and the hard disk space - one gigabyte is the bare minimum for RAM and two gigabytes will give you plenty for your apps. Check out the disk space too - the higher the disk space, the faster your machine will run. The newer, higher-end laptops have a lot more memory than they used to. Again, look at the spec sheets for the size of the hard drive and the disk space. Also, keep in mind that if you're going to put lots of media on the laptop, you'll want a larger hard drive.

Video Card If your laptop has a good video card, then that's great. If not, it's time to upgrade. Note that you don't always have to get the newest card - a decent one is sufficient for many applications. I wouldn't go over six gigabytes for anything over an Intel Core i5, though.

Price You know what laptops cost. You also know which models are the cheapest, but which ones are the best. Keep this in mind as you compare laptops. Keep these three items in mind, and you should be able to find the best laptop under $900.

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