How to get a job in tax?

If you firmly decided to serve in the tax inspection, first familiarize yourself with the information provided by the media and laid out on the official website of the FTS of the Russian Federation for your region. There, according to the law, a competition for a free vacancy should be announced. Note that the competition in place lasts thirty days, so you can view not only the last numbers, but also all the information in the month. The announcement of the reception strictly stipulates the terms and conditions, as well as the requirements that the employer places candidates and the place where documents should be sent.

Be sure to specify the list of necessary documents. There is a list that is always required, but in various institutions may require additional information about candidates. The list of all required documents is usually placed in the announcement of the free vacancy. If it is not, but call the contact phone provided by the employer and check the list so that you do not have to collect various references twice.
List of documents:

Medical certificate;
A document that talks about the applicant of the conviction;
Certificate from the tax service;
Passport and its copy;
Education document, photocopy;
Photos (3x4);
Correctly completed questionnaire.

Be prepared to take part on an open competition. For this one desire to enter the service and experience may not be enough. Update or acquire knowledge regarding the content of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, repeat the main provisions of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. These knowledge will help you successfully overcome the competitive test.

Competition for candidates for the position consists, as a rule, from two parts. First, the competition is held. The second stage should be an interview. It is at this point that the employer determines how popular your candidacy is suitable for the proposed position. You will need knowledge of laws. Also be prepared to answer questions regarding your previous place of work, experience, education. In addition, you will certainly be asked why you want to make a tax service. The answer to this question is worth thinking in advance so that at the time of the interview it is not in a dead end. Try not to be nervous, respond clearly and confident.
When you provide an employer information about yourself, specify only reliable information. Need do not need. All information is checked, and any inaccuracy will turn against you.

Next you will only wait. Within a month after the interview, you will be aware of the results of the competition. You will be informed about either on service, or about refusal. Best dating sites where old man can find young woman for marriage on reliable rating with reviews.
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